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I looked across the table at the two lovely young women, both in their thirties. The first question seemed simple enough. “Why did you choose law enforcement as a career?” I expected a pattern of sorts. Commonalities–perhaps a family tradition  that would place them and their law enforcement and military female counterparts in a distinct group. Thinking I can convey,  to my readers, what the characteristics and backgrounds are of women who choose male dominated, harassment ladened, dangerous careers.

Emma responded by noting she had grown up in a family well acquainted with law enforcement. Her mother was a drug addict. Tears filled her eyes as she spoke of a childhood destroyed. The story of a girl who had to wear the same clothes days in a row, who was put to bed in a room where adults had sex with her present. A child abused, and neglected who grew up around criminals.

On the other hand, Kendra described her childhood as “good.” She voiced much respect and admiration for her father. A man who worked diligently to pull himself and his family out of poverty. Even though he wasn’t in law enforcement he expressed great pride in Kendra’s career selection.

There are some parallels between Emma and Kendra. The dominate positive parental influence was  their fathers. Both women have a clear belief in right and wrong. Kendra’s belief stemming from the example of goodness exemplified by her father and mother. Emma’s understanding of right and wrong coming from contact with criminals during her formative years. Emma said her goal in life became, “never to go back there.” Both women noted a motivation to help others.

A few lose assumptions regarding career selection may be considered based on these two interviews. 1)A firm internal belief in right and wrong. 2) A motivation to help others 3)Father influence during childhood more prominent then influence of mother.

Comments: The opinions expressed are mine alone. There’s no pretense of a scientific discovery process. Names of the interviewees have been changed.

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