Emotional Abuse of Women: An Interview with Author Pam Wetterman

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Pam Wetterman’s career in Customer Care “ignited her passion to expose women’s issues of poverty, physical and emotional abuse and addiction.”

Her willingness to listen to and assist women trapped in abusive situations provided a real life understanding of the fictional women she writes about.

Her first novel, The Artist’s Paradise, focuses on a struggling marriage and emotional abuse. Her second novel (2016 release), Look for Whispers in The Wind, explores the fear and threat of dealing with a stalker.

Pam discussed the ‘control and power’ behaviors of abusive people. An abusive person may make a victim feel as if she has done something wrong, and may try to isolate her from others. The isolation may keep the victim from receiving feedback or help. Abusers may be charming and clever. Some victims may not even realize what is happening to them, or may begin to believe that they deserve to be hurt. A woman needs to ask herself if she is lying to herself about the purpose of negative manipulations by her partner. Another self-question is why she’s putting up with abuse?

Pam’s personal message to women in abusive situations: “Love yourself enough to get out.”


***National Domestic Violence Hotline

“compassionate support, crisis intervention, and referral services in over 170 languages”

1-800-799-safe (7233)


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